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Login with Facebook, Google, Keycloak... | OAuth 2.0 (New Version)

From version 3.* the original configuration is removed and replaced by clients! The changes are experimental, please test your adjustments carefully before going live!


Basic configuration

Identification rule

  • By ID: The client receives a new account when logging in with a provider
  • By email address: If the e-mail address matches an existing account, this account is used.

Setting up OAuth 2.0 client directly with the provider

This documentation does not include the setup at the provider itself. Here are further links to official and unofficial instructions!

  • Apple:
  • Auth0:
  • Keycloak:

Forwarding URL

Put the forwarding URL on the whitelist!

Create an OAuth2 client in Shopware

  • Navigate to "Settings" -> "Extensions" -> "moori Clients".
  • Create a new client of type "oauth2-providername".
  • Enter all required data
  • Configure the data mapping
  • Save and test client

Status of the extension

The following providers have already been tested successfully:

  • Keycloak: 29.10.2023
  • Google: 29.10.2023