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Foundation | Advanced Search

The Foundation plugin offers an advanced search especially for all moori plugins.

The Shopware 6 search can thus be optionally adapted and extended.

Configuration in the Foundation Plugin

So that the advanced search does not interfere with other search extensions or Elastic-Search (ES), it can be optionally activated or deactivated.

  1. activate
  2. hide tabs without results
  3. adjust width to fit multiple tabs

Configuration in moori plugins

Not all moori plugins offer this feature. Mainly plugins that contain their own datasets, like the Magazine Add-On for Public Profiles.

The advanced search consists of the quick search, which is dynamically available on every shop page, and the search page. You can also activate and deactivate these as required. You can also determine the maximum number of search results that can be displayed.

Layout of the search results

Determine an individual layout for each type, for this you have a configuration at your disposal that is very similar to the Configuration for Listings.

You can also deactivate the configuration, then the search results are displayed as a list.

Quick search without configuration

Quick search with configuration

Search page