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Form Builder 2 | FAQ

Forms are an important part of online business and facilitate the everyday life of every shop owner. Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What do I need forms for?

Forms or pre-printed forms are mainly used to mask relevant information and keep it to a minimum. They facilitate communication and can be better integrated into technical processes than, for example, e-mails.

Which forms should I offer in my shop?

Forms are not mandatory, theoretically you can prepare every transaction by e-mail. However, sooner or later this will end in chaos. The data is also not usable for later processing and evaluations.

General forms

  • Customer registration and login
  • Contact forms
  • Newsletter forms
  • Cancellation forms
  • Return forms

Nice-to-have forms

  • Product request
  • Feedback forms
  • Support forms
  • Online applications
  • competitions

What can the plugin "Form Builder 2" do?

The plugin offers a basis for Shopware 6 and can be extended as desired with the add-ons.

Details on the areas of application can be found in the respective documentation!

  1. Classic Add-On: Contains all functions of the Form Builder.
  2. Exit-Intent-Popups Add-On: Use forms as popup
  3. Slides Add-On: Use slides
  4. Customer-Forms Add-On: Customised forms for registration and customer area
  5. Product-Configurator Add-On: Additional information on products incl. price calculation
  6. Order Add-On: Additional order details (incl. price calculation on the shopping cart)
  7. Product-Request Add-On: Product-specific enquiry forms

How do I create a new CMS form in Shopware 6?

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Here you will find a list with all forms from the plugin. You can also import forms here.

Click on New in the top right-hand corner

A newly created form is created in the database and can be edited directly. The form is inactive until you release it.

Select CMS as the form type

The more add-ons are installed, the more options you have for the scope of your form. In this example you create a form for the CMS pages of Shopware 6.

In the tree structure you create the input elements

The tree structure allows you to create structure elements for the division of your forms. Here you can determine which elements are used in the form based on the type. Here, too, you are offered more options depending on the add-on.

The finished form is saved

As soon as you have initially created your fields and want to test the form, you must first set the form to "active". The form of the type "Test" is very suitable for testing!

Go to a CMS page of your choice

Navigate via the worlds of experience to the CMS page where you want to use the form.

Select any element

The plugin does not offer a CMS block, you can select any CMS block. For example from Foundation Features.

Test the form in the storefront

Now you can test the form. Don't forget to empty the Shopware cache when making adjustments to the form!