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Customer access management

Let your customers create accesses for several people themselves. This way, each person with an individual access can place orders on behalf of the customer.

Plugin settings

  1. activate sub-accounts for these customer groups.
  2. rules for the customer numbers of the sub-accounts:
    • Automatic allocation - A customer number is generated.
    • Manual: The customer number starts with the customer number of the main account.
    • Manual and unique: Same as manual, but checks if the customer number already exists.
  3. activate notification settings - The main customer can set e-mail recipients for the order process.


If a customer is authorised to create sub-accounts, a further menu item appears in the customer area. appears in the customer area. The sub-accounts are listed there, including status and last login.

Here you can create further accounts by clicking on the button.

If the customer forgets his password, a new one can be created quickly.

If the notification settings have been activated, the customer can also enter his e-mail recipients here.