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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Problems installing plugins

The plugin no longer runs after the update

If a plugin does not work as expected, you can simply deactivate and reactivate the plugin. The settings will be reset without losing your data.

After activation, however, you will have to make your own adjustments to SEO Url Templates again.

The plugin cannot be installed

You get the following error message when trying to install the plugin?

Required plugin/package "moorl/foundation 1.4.*" is missing or not installed and activated
Required plugin/package "moorl/foundation 1.5.*" is missing or not installed and activated

Then you are missing the Foundation Plugin. You can get the plugin here:

I can't find the block element for the plugin

Many people have spent hours looking for the Block Element (for example for the dealer search). However, a large part of the moori plugins do not have a block, but only an element.

Shopware distinguishes between blocks and elements. For example, a block can also consist of several elements. Generally you have access to the elements here:

Enkaufswelten Editor

Now you can select the corresponding element!

Enkaufswelten Editor

Errors in the Shopware 6 shop

Unfortunately something went wrong

Support requests with the message Unfortunately something went wrong cannot help to find the problem.

Before you send a support ticket or mail, please get the correct log files.

If you are sure that a moori plugin is responsible for your error, then skip this answer.

The plugin is not running

After updating the plugin

Please always read the plugin notes before updating, this is especially true for major version jumps.

So long as there is a problem: Do not delete anything manually via FTP or from the database!

Most of the time you will find the necessary hints for solving the problem in the change log of the plugin. I summarise most of the problems here:

  1. the SEO url is not created: Reset the plugin: Deactivate once and activate again. Here, the SEO Url Templates and other relevant contents of the plugin are reinstalled. If you have adjusted the SEO Url template, you will have to adjust it again after the reset. If you have a multilingual shop, you must translate the titles/entity names, otherwise an SEO Url will certainly always be generated incorrectly.

  2. other problem: reset the plugin: deactivate once and activate again.

Error messages and how they can be remedied


Table: custom_field_set Entry already exists [{"id": "98caa393862baa83506fabb17618d81b", "name": "moorl_video"...

Please note the name of the entry in the database. In this case it is "moorl_video". This error can only be fixed by a query directly in the database. Here is an example for "moorl_video":

DELETE FROM `custom_field_set` WHERE `name` = 'moorl_video';

Then you can activate the plugin again.


Could not execute "composer require" for plugin "MoorlSignIn (moorl/sign-in:2.5.9). Output: ./composer.json has been updated Running composer update moorl/sign-in --with-dependencies Loading composer repositories with package information Dependency shopware/core is also a root requirement. Package has not been listed as an update argument, so keeping locked at old version. Use --with-all-dependencies (-W) to include root dependencies. Updating dependencies Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages. Problem 1 - Root composer.json requires moorl/foundation 1.5.28 (exact version match: 1.5.28 or, found moorl/foundation[1.5.29] but it does not match your constraint and is therefore not installable. Make sure you fix the constraint as packages installed from symlinked path repos are updated even in partial updates and the one from the lock file can thus not be used. Installation failed, reverting ./composer.json and ./composer.lock to their original content.

This error occurs, for example, if you manually upload several plugins with composer dependencies via zip and only want to update them later. Should not normally occur, but here is a solution.

  1. open the file composer.json with a text editor
  2. delete the affected lines from the error message

The plugins should then be able to be updated again!

Other causes

If the plugin does not start for some reason, first check whether you have the current Shopware version and also whether the plugin is up to date.

If this is the case, please contact me immediately! My email address is, I try to react as soon as possible.

Improvement suggestions and ideas

I am missing an important function

I am always open to suggestions for improvement, sensible enhancements are usually gladly implemented. I plan to continue developing my plugins with your help, wherever the journey takes me.

Other questions

What is your hourly rate?

  • My hourly rate is €100.00 per hour plus VAT.
  • Plugin updates that offer general added value for the general public are charged at €75.00 per hour plus VAT.

Do you also develop Shopware 6 plugins for clients?

I like to develop new plugins and always bring in my own ideas. I aim to develop plugins that are as high-quality and comprehensive as possible and that are also suitable for Shopware's Community Store.

Here we always both profit from:

  1. you get an affordable plugin tailored to your needs
  2. your plugin is automatically developed further for you and is always compatible with the latest Shopware version
  3. I can offer the plugin to other shop owners at an affordable price.

Of course, as the initiator you pay a relatively high price. However, you are making an essential contribution to the Shopware ecosystem and will also benefit in the long term from other plugins offered in the store.

I do not offer any further development for plugins that are similar to my plugins!

Feel free to send me a request via email :)

Do you offer a complete package for Shopware 6?

For a new start with Shopware 6, I offer a complete package together with a narrow selection of specialised programmers and designers.

The services include

  • Web server setup
  • Shop installation
  • Migration from Shopware 5 or other shop systems (Prestashop, xt:commerce, Shopify etc.)
  • Interfaces, automated imports from CSV tables or APIs
  • Shop concept and design
  • Individual plug-in programming

However, no content or search engine marketing services are offered.

The project volume should be between 3 and 12 months.

Can you support existing Shopware 6 shops?

As a rule, I only look after shops that are the result of my own projects.