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Public Profiles | Base Version

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This plugin provides a new entity of the type 'Creator'. With it, public profiles can be created and designed via CMS. Further add-ons follow for this plug-in.


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  2. Get-The-Look!

What is this plugin good for?

The Shopware 6 Public Profiles plugin puts people (authors, influencers, artists) and allows you a social proof for your shop pages.

The profiles can be used for several purposes. Due to the maximum given integrity through the CMS pages, you can decide which content appears on the profile page.


Note: If you have any problems with the plugin, please note the following [notes the following hints in the FAQ section.

  1. install Foundation
  2. optional: In this app there is a Demo Package included.


Basic configuration

In the basic configuration you can make general settings. Here, for example, a standard category for 'All profiles'.

You can also expand the Shopware internal search and freely design the search results.

Administration of profiles

You can find the administration under "Clients - Public Profiles and Profile Types".

Edit profile

In the profile you can enter general information about the person, including a name, a short description and a detailed description. name, a short description and a detailed description.

You can easily get the image assignments for avatar and banner from the media sidebar.

It is also possible to create a CMS assignment. The content of the CMS page can be be customised for the profile.

The plugin provides a standard layout for a quick start.

Profile types

The profile types group your profiles. This way you can globally set the visibility for all profiles in a group. set the visibility, define a technical name for different SEO Urls and define a fallback CMS page.

This makes sense if you use the blog, but also present people in your shop who have no connection to the blog. have no relation to the blog.

CMS pages

The plugin fully supports the CMS functions of Shopware. A new CMS page is made available.

There is more info on the listing element here.

Seo settings

Here you can determine how the SEO url to the detail page of your profile is built. The basic setting already takes the profile type into account.


A listing element with pagination.

The quick search in Shopware can be deactivated in the settings of the plugin or globally in the Foundation Plugin. Plugin can be deactivated.