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Form Builder 2 available in the store

For Shopware from version 6.4.11 there is now the form plugin, which leaves nothing to be desired.

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Who changes from Shopware 5 to 6 will miss the form feature

There is nothing to add to this statement: Where you used to be able to create and manage simple contact forms yourself in Shopware 5, there is only a very limited possibility in Shopware 6.

Why is this feature no longer available in Shopware 6?

Unlike versions 3, 4 and 5 of Shopware, version 6 is an e-commerce software developed from scratch by Shopware AG.

It has nothing in common with Shopware 5 apart from the "PHP and MySQL" server architecture. A completely new technology stack "Symfony, Bootsrap and Vue.js" is used here. From a developer's point of view, this offers completely new possibilities for working with the system and developing it further.

However, with version 6 Shopware does not place great emphasis on diversity, but rather on a solid and stable shop system that will meet the requirements of the future.

This is an attractive concept for Shopware developers and plug-in manufacturers to contribute an essential part to the ecosystem.

The free Community Edition comes with a free contact and newsletter form.

For the Professional Edition there is also a form builder which covers basic needs for shop owners.

What is the idea behind the moori form builder?

The form builder was developed in 2020 immediately after the official launch of Shopware 6 and was only intended to replace the missing function "Create forms yourself".

Right from the release in the Community Store, the plugin enjoyed great popularity. The first add-ons for special tasks of forms in the Shopware Shop were then created and published.

The plugin was (and still is) constantly updated. In the meantime, Shopware provides its own anti-spam captchas, which were integrated directly for the plugin.

From my own experience, I wished for such a plugin for Shopware 5 and have fulfilled it myself for Shopware 6! :)

Customer feedback is the Alpha and Omega

In addition to the so-called mandatory updates for Shopware, there was generally a lot of feedback and requests from customers. These wishes were usually responded to. Depending on the scope, the updates were also co-financed directly by the customers.

The result is quite impressive:

  • over 400 downloads
  • 4.5 star rating
  • over 300 active installations!

However, the plugin left its mark, it became too complex, too bulky and the documentation could never be kept up to date with the rapid updates.

Plugin too complex, too misleading and costly?

Two years ago, I simply lacked the necessary expertise and understanding of the Shopware system. In the meantime, the plugin has developed into an adversary project. I often considered building the plugin from scratch or at least creating a light version for the smaller budget.

After another somewhat larger desired feature from a customer, I could no longer find my way around in my own code jungle!

It was time to pull the ripcord

It was clear to me: I can't work on this basis any more, the plugin was already cool and it left nothing to be desired. But I was still very dissatisfied, the plugin needs a complete "facelift".

The birth of Form Builder 2

After several Shopware 6 projects, I now had the necessary skillset to face my personal final opponent. Including planning and preparation time, the implementation took over 1,500 working hours.

Since the basis was well thought out, the add-ons could be developed at a record pace. In any case, I hope that other developers will also get along well with the basis.

Super Integrity in Shopware 6

Shopware 6 offers forms for the experience worlds in the Professional Edition. This is probably sufficient, but many shop operators use the free Community Edition for the start and do not want to do without individual forms.

The Form Builder 2 offers forms at all corners and edges in the shop system. Be it for experience worlds, forms in the theme/template, personal customer forms or product configurations.

What happens in the future?

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, a BOOM developed, online shops sprang up everywhere because the local economy was doing very badly and every trader had to fear for their existence.

The situation here has eased and now we are heading for the next economic crisis. Unfortunately, it is really uncertain what all awaits us in the near future.

Although this is far off topic, it plays an essential role in what the future of e-commerce and thus Shopware will look like.

My personal plan is: The Form Builder 2 should establish itself for Shopware 6 and leave nothing to be desired.

I continue to look forward to your feedback, criticism and customisation requests.

Stay safe & sell good!

Philipp (moori)