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Form Builder

Note: This plugin requires the current version of Foundation / Basis Plugin.

With this plugin you have the possibility to create individual forms. These forms support file uploads as e-mail attachment, captcha spam protection and database connections.

Your forms can be integrated as CMS elements into your shopping worlds. There are also other interesting add-ons.


  1. Extended customer registration
  2. Advanced shopping cart
  3. Extended Product Features / Custom Products
  4. Individual product inquiry

Possible areas of application:

  1. Contact us Questions
  2. Complaints / Revocation
  3. surveys / customer opinions
  4. Tax questionnaires
  5. Individual entries in database, e.g. leads - example plugin for dealer search (enter as dealer) follows


  • Freely designable forms
  • Autocomplete
  • captcha code
  • File upload and e-mail attachments
  • Send a copy


  • Elements for the shopping worlds


Version Date Changes
1.0.0 2020-30-04 First version
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