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Merchant- and Storefinder

Note: This plugin requires the current version of Foundation / Basis Plugin.

This plugin contains the basic functions for a dealer search. You can include any CSV export and complete it with the help of the import wizard. Through the OpenStreetMap API you can calculate the positions for the map during import. This API does not require a key, such as Google Maps.

Attention: The storefront-controller has been removed in version 1.1.0, the setup is now only possible via the adventure worlds.

Planned updates for the next 6 months (sorted by priority):

  1. Create Twig blocks in the templates
  2. Import / Export including tags, manufacturers and categories
  3. Integration of own map tiles - see:
  4. Popup with contact form to contact the dealer directly via e-mail
  5. Creating and linking CMS pages for traders
  6. Better usability for the full-screen dealer search
  7. Two further designs and colour schemes


  • OpenStreetMap on the shop page
  • import wizard
  • Circumference search using the postcode or the city
  • Different styles and full screen dealer search
  • Extra filter options: Tags, categories and manufacturers


  • Elements for the shopping worlds
  • Manufacturer logos visible for every dealer in the frontend
  • Smoothe zoom effects and automatic scrolling to the selected dealer
  • Standard Design adapts to the shop design
  • Circumference search with indication of distance
  • Simplified setup thanks to demo data


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