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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Problems installing plugins

The moori Shopware 6 plugin cannot be installed

You get the following error message when trying to install the plugin?

Required plugin/package "moorl/foundation 1.4.*" is missing or not installed and activated

Then you are missing the Foundation Plugin. You can get the plugin here:

I can't find the block element for the plugin

Many people have spent hours looking for the Block Element (for example for the dealer search). However, a large part of the moori plugins do not have a block, but only an element.

Shopware distinguishes between blocks and elements. For example, a block can also consist of several elements. Generally you have access to the elements here:

Enkaufswelten Editor

Now you can select the corresponding element!

Enkaufswelten Editor

Errors in the Shopware 6 shop

Unfortunately something went wrong

Support requests with the message Unfortunately something went wrong cannot help to find the problem.

Before you send a support ticket or mail, please get the correct log files.

The plugin does not run

If the plugin does not start for some reason, first check if you have the latest Shopware version and if the plugin is up to date.

If this is the case, please contact me immediately! My email address is, I try to react as soon as possible.

Improvement suggestions and ideas

I am missing an important function

I am always open to suggestions for improvement, sensible enhancements are usually gladly implemented. I plan to continue developing my plugins with your help, wherever the journey takes me.


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